This dating/relationship thing is really baffling.  A thought just occurred to me today on how fucked up the whole system really is.  A lot of my single friends around me are worried about not finding a soul mate/partner/boyfriend any time in the near future because there are no real opportunities to meet new eligible bachelors that meet our crazy and unattainable standards.  ”I hope I don’t need to resort to online dating!”  Well, I don’t know I’ve just been beginning to feel so helpless in this lifelong quest for a perfect lover.  What we really need to do is trust in God and leave it up to him to bring along this perfect dude or help us to be go-getters.  

Why should it be the women sitting around like lame ducks waiting for a handsome Prince Charming to sweep them off their feet?  Girls accuse men of being passive but women are equally at fault.  Give guys the right signals and play hard to get to a CERTAIN EXTENT and stop acting like you are the shit. And also, guys need to step it up and go for the girls that they feel interested in and not hold back so much because honestly, the power lies in the men.  A relationship is pretty much determined by whether or not the guy likes the girl enough to make a move.


It’s definitely hard finding your own voice a midst this wildly confusing time of youth.  I’m turning 21 in a matter of weeks yet I’ve been realizing more and more that age is so relative and insignificant.  When I’m at church teaching my bible study kids, they look up to me as their religious adult figure and I’m supposed to be and pose as this wise and knowledgeable role model.  Same with my younger cousins who ask me for advice on everything from self-esteem, body image, school relationships, career and academic issues.  I automatically assume or am pressured to act as if I  know all the answers.  But I really don’t.  In this sense, I can be considered “old?

On the other hand, when I’m surrounded by older peers and alumni, the roles reverse and I assume the role of an inexperienced youngster fishing for life advice. “Oh, to be young again…”  

Yet I have also noticed that friendship is a beautiful and transcendent thing.  I have been learning so much on the meaning of friendship and its extreme importance in my life and in any human being’s life.  Without good friends to vent out and share commonalities with, life wouldn’t be as merry and unbearable.  As you grow older, you grow out of the mindset that you can only be friends with people of the same age.  Life is so much more enriching when you interact from people of all ages and establish meaningful relationships that can rejuvenate your life with all the joy, wisdom, and laughter it entails.  

You will always be young or old to someone at any point in your life and it doesn’t matter.  Life’s not a big deal.  I have regrets and will probably have wayyy more by the time I die.  Live life with no regrets?  That’s so overrated.